28 May 2013

Warm Fuzzies

When parents get sick, there's no one to kiss it and make it all better. I've had laryngitis for five days now, and it's driving me nuts. But when Little Man climbed up on the couch beside me, took my finger in his tiny hand and laid his head against me to keep me company - well, warm fuzzies are pretty great medicine.

12 May 2013

Boo Boo - ger

Being a man, I thought I was prepared for all the little surprises my son might come up with. After all, I was a little boy at one point myself.

Apparently, I was a different kind of little boy than my son. Perhaps my OCD extends a bit farther back in time than I previously thought.

Little Man has a knack for grossing me out like nothing I ever imagined.

I was sitting at my computer when my fearless boy ran up screaming and crying. He was pitching such a fit I immediately started looking for severed ears or gushing wounds. I figured he had to be hurt. I couldn't see anything, and I was trying to calm him down when he suddenly shoved his hand at my face.

On his right index finger was the biggest booger I have ever seen!

And he couldn't get it off.

And it freaked him out even more than it did me!

I didn't know OCD was genetic.