12 May 2013

Boo Boo - ger

Being a man, I thought I was prepared for all the little surprises my son might come up with. After all, I was a little boy at one point myself.

Apparently, I was a different kind of little boy than my son. Perhaps my OCD extends a bit farther back in time than I previously thought.

Little Man has a knack for grossing me out like nothing I ever imagined.

I was sitting at my computer when my fearless boy ran up screaming and crying. He was pitching such a fit I immediately started looking for severed ears or gushing wounds. I figured he had to be hurt. I couldn't see anything, and I was trying to calm him down when he suddenly shoved his hand at my face.

On his right index finger was the biggest booger I have ever seen!

And he couldn't get it off.

And it freaked him out even more than it did me!

I didn't know OCD was genetic.