10 June 2013

Great Moments

Ah, Ya gotta love those moments when you wish your camera was in your hand and ready. They fly by so fast, leaving only the laughter and a fun memory.

And sometimes a red face...

I was sitting with the kids outside of the Kohl's dressing room while Sweetheart was trying on swimsuits. She was getting flustered as she tried on suits. Seriously, why do women actually put themselves through this yearly orgy of masochism? Why not they just do what men do when we feel less than studly in our swimsuit, and stick to baggy shorts and t-shirts?

In any case, she came out in a very loudly patterned one piece. As I started to give her a once over, Princess reached out and grabbed her Mommy's breasts, one in each hand, and said - in that really loud little girl voice - "Mommy, what are these?!"

I thought I was going to wet myself!

I do believe the look on my wife's face paid for every moment I've ever spent corralling squirmy kids outside dressing rooms.