25 June 2013

Yet Another Thing I Never Expected To Hear

Sweetheart was getting the kids ready for bed while I showered. Normally, the bedtime routine takes quite awhile and is fairly noisy, so I was surprised to get out of the shower and find the house quiet. Both kids were obediently in their beds, the dog was quietly roaming around making sure there were no stray crumbs, and Sweetheart was lying on the bed absolutely exuding tension and frustration.

Now, having been married for seven years now, and having two children with this woman, I knew better than to ask what had happened. Instead, I took her downstairs to watch some TV that wasn't animated and relax.

My plan worked well, apparently. As we were getting ready to watch the show, she suddenly said, "You don't understand! The boy grabbed a fork and was trying to comb my hair with it!! It hurt!"

I always seem to miss the more interesting events of the day.