29 May 2014

Daddy Fixed It?

You know, daughters have a really strong leash their daddy's hearts. There's not much we won't do for the little angels. But that's not always a good thing.

My sweet little Princess is afraid of the dark. Or, as she says, "I'm not afraid, I just don't like it!" And as any daddy will tell you, my little girl is not going to have to suffer anything she's, um, that she "doesn't like." So Daddy fixed it.

A couple of years or so ago, after the dismal failure of so many nightlights and lamps left her coming into our bedroom at night, I decided to get more aggressive. I hardwired nightlights into every outlet in her bedroom. I could read a newspaper in her room with her light off.

It wasn't enough. It was time to get creative.

I find LED butterflies in a strand of 24 and hung them up around the walls over her bed. Beautiful!

It still wasn't enough.

Sweetheart took to leaving the hallway light on, which is a great pair of energy efficient LED can lights each equivalent to a 60W bulb. They're meant for security. Not nightlights.

At this point, I should say I DO like the dark at night, and Sweetheart looks to sleep with our door open in case the babies need us.

Oh, and those nova-like hallway lights are right outside my bedroom door.  Now I could read a newspaper in my own bedroom with shades and a ski mask on.

Something had to give, and since Princess' reaction to the dark is an ear splitting 500 decibel staccato scream that she won't stop long enough even to breath, that something was me.

Well, those butterflies burnt out, giving me the opportunity to replace them. Hopefully with something much better. Oh, yeah, much better.

I couldn't find butterflies, but I found flowers. And they didn't come in a strand of 24. Nope, these bad boys are 100 lights per strand. A respectable 32' of cheerful lights for my little girl.
Hmm. My little girl who didn't think the butterflies were enough.

If you're thinking, "Surely he didn't...", I'm sorry to say you're wrong. Very wrong. I figured one might not impress, but surely two would. Yes, my friends, today I hung 200 LEDs in my daughter's room and happily watched her fall asleep with a smile on her face, as I looked fearfully around her room with dawning understanding while my wife shook her head.

See, something else failed to occur to me. Those bright hallway lights, which are now off, were not the only things outside my bedroom door.

I now have the Aurora Texan-us directly across the hall, in all its purple and pink tinted glory.
Now I can read a newspaper wearing shades and a ski mask while hiding under the covers and being laughed at by my wife.