28 May 2014

Poop On The Patio

The Furball has issues. Serious issues. And it's all Sweetheart's fault. I think she gave him PTSD.

Recently, a thunderstorm rolled through and gave us a nice bit of rain. The next morning, after his normal chaotic rumble down the stairs, he came barreling through the house heading for the back door. I barely got it opened in time. He blasted through and I closed the door and returned to my coffee. A short while later, he knocked on the door and burst in through the crack as soon as I started opening it. I'm pretty sure he was trying to get past me before I saw the large pile he had just deposited on the patio immediately outside the door. He knows this ticks me off.

Of course, as ticked as I get at him, I let him get away with it because it gives me a chance to mess with Sweetheart.

Seven years ago, we adopted the Furball. He was so cute and so sweet. And he already had a nervous disposition.

Well, the winter we adopted him, the weather was much wetter than usual. So the backyard was always muddy. And I bet you can guess what color carpet my Sweetheart had chosen, . If you guessed light tan, you're right. Yep, a really nice creamy tan Berber. And after cleaning the carpet the first time, that woman declared war on that poor wet dog.

It was awful! She would catch him at the door with the biggest towel she cold find. At least, that was her intention. That dog was like greased lightening! He dodged, she pounced, laughed so hard it hurt! It was great!! That chase went on for days and days - she wasn't about to let those muddy paws into the house, and the dog hated that towel with a passion.

Eventually she won. Kind of. See, that idiot dog is way smarter - and more stubborn - than she thinks. If it so much as drizzles, he won't go out unless he's bursting at the seams, and then only to poop on my patio. Nope, he'll hold that bladder all day long if he has to. She'll holler and push and do everything short of beg to get him to go out. But Furball, he remembers all those years ago and he won't budge.

She says I'm wrong, but I don't think so. That dog is devoted to her completely, but when it rains, he has flashbacks and remembers that crazy lady with the towel.