14 June 2014

Ah, how time changes things...

As we say at dinner tonight,  I had occasion to look back on the last six years. Having children has been such a joy and such a challenge. And having children has changed us in many ways,  some good, some bad and some downright hilarious.

As Little Man grabbed for his hot dog, he squeezed too hard and the dog flew right or of the bun,  landing near his Mommy's feet.

My attention caught, I watched in rapt anticipation,  for her response.

Well do I remember the days when she would jump out of her chair, grab the soiled food, throw it away, grab the cleaner and spot clean the carpet and then quickly cook another hot dog for our dear child.

Six years down the road and she shook her head, grabbed the hot dog, washed it off, stuffed it back into the boy's bun, turned to me and asked in confusion, "What in the world are you laughing at? Did I miss something?"

I do so love my wife!