20 June 2014

Morning Fun

I love my life! There are stresses galore, the same as anyone else's, but there are so many more great moments when life is just fun and free. Like when you get up at 5am and get to enjoy 2 whole hours of quiet for reading and catching up with paperwork. And after I decided I finally had to wake the family, I was in such a pleasant mood, I decided to wake everyone with a smile.

Note I did NOT say I was waking them with a smile on THEIR faces. Lord forgive me, I do have my devilish moments.

I marched into my bedroom, where Princess had ended up on the floor at some point, and where Sweetheart was peacefully slumbering. And of course, the Furball was snoring away in his kennel.

Almost felt ashamed of myself.

Do you have any idea how badly you can freak out a spoiled, sleepy cocker spaniel when you march into a dark room roaring out a reveille? That poor thing almost had a heart attack. Took a handful of treats to make him stop huffing at me. It was hilarious!