27 June 2014

Product Review: Phycox

The Furball is getting older. This July, he turns 8, and slowing down. Now, I grant, he never was vey fast to begin with. Mostly only when it came to food. But a few years ago, he was dropped by a groomer as she was taking him off the table. The result was a pinched nerve in his tailbone which causes him to not be able to fully control his hind end. Thankfully, it only flares up every now and then these days, but as an older dog, he deals with the same stiff joints and achy muscles as we humans do.

So I started looking around for something to help. The vet recommended a vitamin supplement for his joints, and of course, told me to stop using the dog as my baker's assistant/taste tester. We're working on getting the weight off him and me both. But that stil left the achy joints and such. You could see him struggle to stand up, and for the longest time, he could no longer jump up on the couch.

What I found was PhyCox. These are the absolute worst smelling things you can find outside of a fish bait shop, but they pack an enormous kick. It's a joint support formula and helps with the inflammation and achiness, and also has antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. I started him on a loading dose for the first six weeks and within a month of happily chewing the stinky little things, he was a new dog. Furball is now jumping up on the couch again, running up the stairs on his own and huffing happily along on walks. Okay, well, maybe he's not huffing happily, but he's not lying down in protest anymore.

Of course, this is Furball we're talking about...he still sleeps at least 20 hours a day...but that beats the 22 hours a day he was staying "reclined". And now he's back to chasing rabbits in his sleep.