17 June 2014

Waltz Across Texas, Straight Through The Kitchen

My Princess stole my heart the moment she looked up at me from her warming table, when the nurses had her screaming from the shock of birth and being tested for diabetes.  I leaned over and whispered to her and as soon as she heard my voice she stopped crying.

But there are times when she just grabs  it again and melts it all anew.

She's enjoying a musical theater camp this summer and is practicing excitedly for her big concert. When I looked over the song she's practicing, I could see a dozen classics or so from the whole range of rock and roll. Now, when I was young, Mama and I would listen to her old records and bee bop around the house, which must have looked odd, since I have no natural rhythm and could not dance if  you paid me, and Mama had a back fusion and could no longer dance as she once had. But we had fun nonetheless, and that was the foundation of my love of music.

This has been something I've tried to share with my family. Princess can't carry a tune in a bucket, but that doesn't mean much, because she loves all things music and her enthusiasm is amazing. So when she was practicing and asked me what blue suede shoes were, oh my!  I knew it was time for fun! YouTube, here we come!

We listened to Elvis, Danny and the Juniors, the Beatles, Ritchie Valens and so many more. Of course, we had to start with Chubby and the Twist.  Hoo boy, I can still do it! Only danged  dance I ever managed to do without messing up. In my younger days, I could go all the way down and around. Now -  well, let's just say I'm not built for those kind of maneuvers anymore. Don't get me wrong, I can still twist again like we did last summer, and I can go down and around like a champ. The whole coming back up thing, well it wasn't quite the same as it once was. I don't think my knees will ever be the same. But who cares! My Princess loved it.

Then she asked about waltzes. I, being the Texan redneck God blessed me to be, immediately brought up old E.T.  And played Waltz Across Texas, while I taught her the moves before sweeping  her up into my arms and dancing around the room to the sweet sounds of steel guitar and giggles galore.

These are the moments that clear every worry and frustration from life and replace them with sweet laughter.

Now, Sweetheart is tucking the little darlings into their beds and I'm stretched out on the couch enjoying the memories, both old and new.

And wondering just how I'm going to get my aching knees up those stairs to my own bed.