20 June 2014


What a day! I started off the day having fun in the morning, and then headed off to Princess' first concert. It was fantastic, and seeing how much she enjoyed herself actually made me tear up. Thankfully the room was dark.  But doggone, she's growing up so fast! She's a natural entertainer, too. In just one short week, he singing improved dramatically, and her dancing is too cute. She made that little poodle shirt fly just right. I remember asking my Mama what in the world they wore them for. She told me you had to watch them as they danced to understand. Now I get it. She twirled that sort and that little dog looked like it was having so much fun it was dancing, too.

And then she ran out into the crowd, grabbed my hands and pulled me onto an impromptu dance floor. My little girl had the biggest smile I've ever seen as she spun me around doing the Twist. And I'm pretty sure it was mirrored on me as well.